Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Parliament Jazz

It took a couple of young musicians from Timisoara, Romania, just a few minutes of playing and they got the attention of the crowd. And this I am sorry to say is not an easy crowd to please. A self absorbed and important public used to skims events superficially was equally captured by the beauty of the voice and the girl and even asked for more once the duo stopped playing.

Anyhow I for one was totally enthralled to hear them play as they were good and consistent. They played a bit of bebop, a bit of Latin and Brazilian jazz, and even some Romanian pieces. The guitar player, an engineer turned to music was technically very good and also had a good mood control. He never overdid anything, constantly delivering a subtle and powerful stream of music managing without effort to avoid being overwhelmed by the glorious voice of its partner. A good match and excellent cooperation they were a revelation. The girl, what can I say, a bit of a bombshell in the Mediterranean way and a voice from the gods. Mellow and warm totally enveloping, perfect for jazz and surprisingly good control.

This was a two set jazz event on consecutive days in the European Parliament and provided for everybody involved organisers and participants alike a rather nice surprise. I wish there were more of this kind.

As for the two musicians let me just say that they will be back to Brussels. Posted by Picasa

Jazz in the Parliament

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Jazz in The European Parliament

Posted by Picasa The color of Jazz always starts black and white. It needs just a little time and then it gets to you. The colors start flying and the smiles flashing. Well good champagne always helps. Even the stagiaires in the Parliament are not immune. To either champagne or music I might add.

Jazzing up the political mood

For a change a great voice and an excelent performance delivered for an audience that was not expecting such a show. Posted by Picasa

Jazzing up Old Europe

A performance almost out of place for a casual social event at the Parliament Posted by Picasa

Jazzing up Europe

There is little doubt that we will hear of her again. She is got the voice and all. Posted by Picasa

Jazzing up Europe

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