Monday, September 04, 2006

La Braderie de Lille 06

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You have to buy this thing ...

If not, they will make me were it the entire night. Braderie de Lille! Posted by Picasa

Fresh from Paris the '68 fashion stall

Now seriously, there was stuff there from before de Gaulle resigned. The books spaned a century and les fringues almost. It was so much fun going through that stuff. Posted by Picasa

Night shoppers

Rules for the game on the outside of the box. Posted by Picasa

I sold the Clemenceau - three times

Somehow the trick of the night was to try and sell a huge plastic replica of the asbestos laden famous, ready to be trashed, French ex carrier the Clemenceau. We had few customers and those that actually bought it left it on the stand so it ended beeing sold repeatedly - for 50 cents! I have no idea how many times in total. Posted by Picasa


For the price of a drink you get a reading from a famous book of astrology! So what did you say your sign was? Posted by Picasa

Everything for 30 cents

Friends' "buy all for 30 euro-cents" stand at 'La Braderie de Lille': beer, vodka, punch (good one fresh mint, bananas, oranges and all ) tea, incents, old books, old phones, cameras, corkscrews, all you want and you definitely do not need is here. Posted by Picasa

Note entirely sure this is the right address

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Trust me we will sell these candies!

Sister's act. Braderie de Lille Posted by Picasa

Front stage brass atitude

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The braderie brass band in full swing

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What about a beer mate

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