Wednesday, October 21, 2009


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Again, it is death that informs my deeds and invades my thoughts. It was predictable. It never is. A good man, a great father, and terrific friend is now more. I met his son. He and I were buddies and I was almost adopted into the family. My wife loved him as I did. She did not know him as well as I did. He provided me with a template for a generous and loving father. By the book. He adored his sons and they love him back as they should. He was a happy man. He died alone as we all do. But not completely. A woman was there and no wonder for he was truly absolutely lovable. I will miss him every time I go back or think of that dreamy, provincial, and ultimately detestable little city he loved so much.


Originally uploaded by Andrei Singer
There is nothing that prompts our curiosity more then the unusual in a setting we believe we know al about. A subtle change in ritual, a new design, a word, a glance, a fleeting impression of new, of different, challenges and excites our imagination. One can call this a moment of curious ecumenism.