Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Shopping in Marais

Is there a better Sunday occupation then trailing girls shopping there after brunch at Marche des Enfants Rouges? Posted by Picasa

Paris in July

Just as i steped out of Palais Tokyo I stumbled upon this mix of light and shadow. The view of Houssman Paris was irresistible. Posted by Picasa

Just across

Paris bobo area, late afternoon on a Friday before a big party. Posted by Picasa

A lull in the party

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Late afternoon on a Sunday in Paris. What a Sunday actually. It was during the WC final and everybody and their dog had facials involving red white and blue displays. It was nearly impossible to find a place that did not have a TV so we can have a quiet diner with some buddies before returning to Brussels. My friend here and I have arrived early to our appointment and managed to find L'Autre Cafe - a great place. A corner cafe in the X-ieme arondisment close to Republique. I believe it is on Parmentier but not sure of it. Great open French windows that were folded letting in plenty of the evening sunshine. It also turned out to have surprisingly good food. Most of us ordered salads and were amassing. My duo terrine aux tartar de somon sur salad maroquaine was a sure winner. Before the girls arrived my friend and I just chatted for a while and red in the warm sunshine. I also tried Perrier menthe but it taste utterly like some kind of mouth wash so I preferred the classic Perrier aux citron that always works on a hot Parisian evening especially if one spent the weekend before drinking large amounts of a variety of drinks. We may have missed the game (if one discounts the shuts and whistling coming in from the nearby bars crowded to the brim with patrons). I took a few pictures given the fact that the light was magnificent but just a few turned out the way I wanted. This one taking advantage of the SL Jackson look of my friend was a popular one so I had to post it. Looking forward to return to Paris. To many good friends, beautiful women, and great places not to miss it as soon as I leave. Posted by Picasa

Midweek stroll

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