Monday, June 19, 2006

Evening at the beach

Knokke Heist on the Flemish end of the Belgian coast. A great day of sun and sea, with just the right breeze. Next time we will take our bikes and ride north towards the sea-dunes and marshland reservation. Posted by Picasa

14 C

That is not to bad for the North Sea in the coldest early summer ever recorded. Many thanks to the Gulf Stream. But then again it was darn cold. We did swim repeatedly to the dismay of the locals that I previously believed far more adapted to the harshness of their north western European climate. Posted by Picasa

Anti VB

Those that follow Belgian and in particular Flemish politics will know the rather obvious hint Posted by Picasa

A message and A TEAR

Stealing snapshots on the Belgian beach Posted by Picasa

Knokke Men's Shop

This may well not be South of France - as some even pretend calling Knokke the Belgian Saint Tropez - buth there is certainly a bit of the atmosphere: glorias girls and matching cars. Posted by Picasa

Man power

One man powered engine and his family on the retreat before the night covers the oh so posh dunes on Knokke's beaches. Posted by Picasa

tierra cielo mare

Knokke, late afternoon, the beach is almost empty. Posted by Picasa