Friday, January 22, 2010

"There is no God and we are his prophets"

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Whenever I think of Jan the image of Caroline reclining and smiling with a glass of wine in her hand and her gaze lost in his eyes comes to mind. This was at our Fletcher reunion a couple of years back. At the time Jan was the image of what our school stands for. Young, smart, strong and happy despite working hard in difficult conditions and about to embark on even more difficult tasks. A colleague of ours pointed out to me that somehow most of us remember their smile at that reunion. They were happy in a very special and strait-forward way. I did not realize at the time but now, like most people, it seems I remember it. And I must also admit that his relationship and what the two of us talked about then was very much instrumental in the way my own personal life turned. This is why I am thinking with tremendous sadness at Carolina and their families. Their loss is terrible.

I am sad for his shattered hopes and dreams and for those of his fiance and all their loved ones. More then anything I am angry while proud that Fletcher has so many people like Jan and Ben. Today, more then ever they come to represent that body of women and men. A sad reunion of sorts gets going now for Fletcher 02. Just a few month after loosing Ben Sklaver now Jan Olaf Hausotter a brave and hopeful young man is brutally taken away. He believed in peace. He served peace. Wether at NATO or at the UN he has always seen his work as for the cause of peace. He was a civilian political officer but he took his job as fighting for peace not less seriously then Ben who was a soldier. The two of them were amongst the best. Generous and dedicated to the last drop.

Like Ben, Jan new the risks of his job and was ready to face them. Just a few month ago he was commenting with sadness and frustration at the absurdity of the plane accident the caused the death of several peacekeepers in a crash in Haiti. Jan worked every day to bring the desolate people of that long suffering land closer to a decent life and a future to look forward too. And in all fairness the work of the UN was actually paying dividends. Now everything lies in ruins and Jan is no more. But his work, his dreams and beliefs are still there, and the task is still daunting. And we should make them ours following in his steps with the hope that in turn our dedication will make his brutal and shocking disappearance less unbearable.

Thousands and thousands died in the quake in Haiti. Millions lost loved ones and for many the suffering just begun on 12th of January. There is so much we can do for the world in order to make it a more livable places. There are few places as dedicated to prepare young women and men to do just that as is the Fletcher School.

Go do something, go be a force for good! Everyday!