Monday, January 30, 2006

Winter stroll in Bruges

This picture was one of those that require to be shown in B&W. I tried several crops and finally and totally unconvinced I settled for this one, dividing the image in two and keeping the focus on the elderly couple a bit aloof of the crowd of tourists. Posted by Picasa

Afternoon in Bruges

A horse ride away form home in the historic city of Bruges these days totally taken over by busloads of tourists. It still makes for a pleasant day trip. Posted by Picasa

Sweet Bruges details

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Brugge details

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Read riding bonet

Portraiture is not my forte but a bit of fill flash make a cute girl with her dog in Bruges irresistible. Posted by Picasa

The Wintery North Sea

Strong wind and bouncing buoys was all one could see. A bout of nostalgia with heavy streaks of melancholy was menacing anybody brave or foolish enough to ignore the winter wind for a stroll on the coastline. Well, nothing a bit of sunshine and a good fish and mussels soup cannot fix. Posted by Picasa

Winter in Ostende

It was a bitter cold day and the fishing boats were just returning with their catch. Behind is the ferry terminal with a couple of huge ships ready to cross the Channel. Posted by Picasa