Tuesday, October 18, 2005

New singer for Morcheeba

New singer: Jody Sternberg. Certainly she is no Skye Edwards but what the heck, she is good. Really good in fact. She managed to keep people interested and she fits the "wierd while ok" profile of the band, and she has a special voice which I belive is the trademark of the Morcheeba girls. Do I miss Skye? I bet you! As I said, the new girl's name is Jody Sternberg and she replaces Daisy Martey who, if you may remember, in her turn repleced the original, one and only, Morcheeba singer Skye Edwards. She did ok, Daisy is better Skye was perfect. Actually in all honesty she did pretty well. I guess these are not easy shoes to fill and as I just said Jody - she has some history with the band - has a good voice as well. The thing is that Morcheeba is sound more then song and the idea for a tour is to have a front girl that can stand the crowd and make the best of the band's glorious music. The rest is chilout. You may like their trippy songs for various reasons but the truth of the matter is that we al like the soultry, sexy, female voice oozing tropical atmosphere in a very urbane dress that makes their music special. The mix is a killer. Posted by Picasa

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