Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Seize the moment take a picture

I know I am not the only person trying hard to get the photo I want. This is good evidence to the length tourists go. The number of cameras in Grand Place in Brussels often equals the number of people. On some occasions, if a particularly numerous Asian tourist group is there, it can easily exceed that parity. Some of those guys and girls carry two still cameras and a video camera. Poeple and this frantic desire to hold on to image. Camera phones, digital and film cameras, old almost vintage gems, brand new DSLRs on Auto mode and with pop up flash in the middle of the night for a "scenic" picture. And then this guy here struggling with the diminutive tripod and the tiny camera. I do not have it here but his rendition of the Brussels landmark Hotel de Ville was impressive for a PS. There you go: people make photographs not cameras. As I just ordered the new Nikon D200 I should know! Posted by Picasa

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