Thursday, February 09, 2006


For some time now I wanted to post some of the pictures taken last summer at the Le Bourget Air Show near Paris. None of them is necessarily spectacular but they came out ok. No specialty lens no filters, not much thinking but then again this is an air show. Ultimately it is about the flying machines. And the crowds, and the smell of burning fuel and the feeling of joy for no particular reason. Ever since I was a child growing up a few minutes of bicycle ride away from the airport I fell head over heals in love with flying. Countless hours spent in the basement bunker were my private lair was located peering over flight magazines and model planes. Our garden was on the approach flight path for the civilian airport so I started taking pictures of the low flying mostly Russian made passenger planes. Once in a while there were fighter planes or military transport but to my utmost regret I never managed to get those on film as they were seldom and randomly flying. Then after 1989 I made it a rule to watch all the air shows in Bucharest. This time in Le Bourget I was better prepared. The show was a feast for aviation maniacs and kids. I got terribly sunburned but that was a little price to pay. Here are some of the hundreds of pictures taken then. See you in Farnborough this coming summer! Posted by Picasa

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