Monday, February 27, 2006

Senegalese diner with friends in Paris

She is a true matron of this house. Keeping a tight hand on staff and customers she made for a memorable host. I for one will gladly be back in this island of Africa with fiery food and authentic atmosphere without any hint of the touristy ethno style I came to hate. We had a most enjoyable night here despite the loud African dance music and the smoky surroundings. The patrons were also part of making the night great as they had a party going on and just watching them dance and drink champagne was enough to make you share the joy and lust for life. Food was something really worth writing home about despite being furiously hot. My friend's sister in law promised that when she comes to Brussels next time she will give us a map of the places worth exploring in the Matonge's African heart. Posted by Picasa

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