Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Raymond Depardon

This image is the one opening a book by Raymond Depardon the French Magnum photographer. The interesting part is that its in striking contradiction with all the rest of the book's images. Its like a departure, a starting point, or on the contrary, a destination known from the start. You can wonder around without those but then how do you know you wonder. How do you know that this is not a journey from point A to B dictated by your hidden or not so desires, expectations, perspectives. If, on the contrary, you know were you start and you know were you will arrive but do not give a damn about duration, route etc. then you are indeed wondering freely. Errance is a choice it is not an irrational haphazard behaviour. It is a response to the existence's intensity. Homer comes to mind but a more reflective one, no action hero here just an open mind and extraordinary eyes. Posted by Picasa

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