Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The crowd here was a mix of what Saint Gery normally offers. Mostly young, gender balanced, all walks of life and all persuasions with a bit of a leaning towards fashionably run down and casual. This is rather normal for Zebra on any weekend but last Friday probably it was more so because of the funky dub jazzed up played by Tony, Adib and Camille. Given the nice weather people were streaming in and out, with a marked tendency towards in so the place was crowded. Lucky those that still had tables. Saint Gery is normally a segregated place only for the unsuspecting eye may it seam this sea of people in totally brownian movement. In fact each place has its own crowd and while there are people cruising the places like I do most swear allegiance to one or two places. If you start a conversation on the topic you will se what I mean. Some only go to Cafe Central while others have made the first floor of Mappa Mundo also known as Mappa their living-room. There is of course the upper crust of connoisseurs that enjoy Le Roy de Belges and its funky 60s upper deck and then there is the girly tables cum older set and couples that go to Mezzo. As SG offers yet another half a dozen or so watering holes there is plenty of choice for you too. Posted by Picasa

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