Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Old hunting grounds

The place I always return to. Bartenders are great fun, music excellent patrons drunk and in excellent mood, lights great and photography welcomed. Or rather unobserved given that most people here are tipsy and having a blast. Known to me as Baraca (actually the restaurant on top of it had that name) and now correctly named Java, this place abounds personality. A corner bar with two huge window panels on the two adjoining streets. In the summer people flood the sidewalks and the little intersection as well. A huge v shaped bar were on weekends Chloe and Jaques rule. Last weekend I went back to give the staff the pictures I took on several occasion and it was a blast. Free drinks are not the perk I long for as an unoficial paparazzi of the place but the again. What makes my day/night is rather having a good amount of quality pictures on my cards. Lately this seams to hapen more often. I also have to admit that a big camera can and will sometimes offer a good opening line for conversation. It is rather cool to have this as a side effect of a cumbersom obsession making you tote around with a hefty backpack and stick a lense in the face of people having fun. Posted by Picasa

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