Monday, December 04, 2006

Camus The First Man I

A week after Dan Puric's Don Quixote yet another Romanian production in Brussels on the stage of Bozar. This time the world premiere of an excellent play on the basis of Albert Camus "The First Man". Directed by Catalina Buzoianu it brought together an international cast of Romanian and French actors. The fact the Maia Morgenstern, a personal favourite among Romanian actors held the mother's role just made it better. I still like Maia very much as an artist despite here rather questionable and to me a bit lame defence of its acceptance of the role of Mary in the infamous Mel Gibson movie "The Passion of the Christ". Her interpretation of Lola Lola (Asta seara Lola Blau) was outstanding. But back to the play, entirely played in French on the basis of Camus original text it was an impressive rendition of the torments and visions of "The Pest's" author. The unruly leftist writer left nobody indifferent and managed to piss all off without being a radical himself. This book is so rich in that only apparently detached humanism that suffuses his entire work. Many years have passed since I red something by him and after last week's play I felt compelled to go out and buy the book. Here is a review by the NYT of the same English edition I bought from Waterstones:

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