Wednesday, December 27, 2006

OTango the Cast

I have nicked this from their official web-site so I hope they do not mind:

The Cast
About our artists
Selected for their well known qualities as well as for their differences in style, Otango's artists show the tango in its largest range of forms. Whether they are dancing alone or in group, they are taking you to a journey of discovery of traditional tango sensuality, the elegance of tango noble, the romanticism of tango waltz, the tango Canyengue games, the saucy figures of tango Milonga, the revolution of tango Nuevo... and of course its pure music and its sung poetry that only tango could have ever inspired such a heart-rendering deepness.
Adrian VEREDICE & Alejandra HOBERT
Adrian Veredice & Alejandra Hobert are surely one of the most charismatic dancing couples from the new generation of Argentinean dancers. The diversity of their artistic education has led to the development of their very personal style, the simplicity and unique elegance of which has rapidly built their reputation and made them a highlight in the tangueros’ world.
Christian MÁRQUEZ & Virginia GÓMEZ
Paula RUBÍN & Mariano GALEANO
Sabrina MASSO & Fernando GRACIA

José Luis BARRETO, Baritone
Child of the tango, young Jose Luis will sing his passion first in the streets of Montevideo. Discover at the age of 9 by the Argentinean and Uruguayan televisions, Jose Luis Barreto has forever sings tango and opera with the same passion for those two different worlds.

Representative of Argentina at the Hanover universal exhibition and at the Tango International Festivals of Paris and Berlin, Tanguisimo is one of the best tango ensemble of these days.

Conceived & Directed by.................
Olivier Tilkin
Group Choreographies....................
Adrian Veredice & Alejandra Hobert
Company Manager...........................
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