Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Angel Exterminador

Named in honour of the Bunuel film this West Berlin bar seems to have survived everything. And it did this well. From the yellow glass ceiling with brass frames to the wood of the bar alll the deccor has a welcomed patina. The patrons and the staff on the other hand are young but adult hovering around mid thirties. The bartenders are excellent and all our drinks came back from the bar rather late but absolutely perfect. I have tested an Apple Sour and I was ready to have more but I was afraid it does not mix well with the chipo Italian Merlot we had in the connected restaurant. It took us a few minutes to strike a nice conversation with people at the bar and the nearing table. The open, relaxed and honestly interested and curious attitude that permeates the city is constantly proven. As a footnote every night I discover a new "photographer"it seems to be the favoured art ... Posted by Picasa

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