Monday, September 29, 2008

Italian Connection

Originally uploaded by Andrei Singer
Mobile communications have come to define our lives. All walks of life and all cultures alike. It is this universal equalizer of kinds not yet fully democratic and universal but certainly a powerful force. It may be true that different people use if for different things but still, on a brilliantly sunny morning in Pisa I couldn't stop thinking how it shows we ultimately are all the same. The chic dress, the expensive suit or the refugee kit all cover the same need for contact, for information. The basic desire to stay in touch, to be in the know, or to just chatter casually and thus manifest ourselves as identity a individual belonging to a communicating society. mobile comms have changed the world in many ways one being that distance has become less relevant and time more relative. Now everything is immediate, instant, pressing. We all rich and poor. young and old, men and women have so much less time as we are expected to be reachable and available all the time. As we come to expect instant access to all. From China to Africa and from NY to Pisa everywhere I go, people these days seam more prone to talk to somebody distant over their cellphones then to somebody just inches away. Is it ultimately a good thing? Remains to be seen how society deals with its immense and intense implications. I personally hate it as much as I love the efficiency of it. Just days ago I left my phone at home for almost an entire day. I was shocked what a loss I felt at the beginning - almost feeling handicapped somehow. I tremendously enjoyed the bliss of not being bothered an entire day and having time to reflect, write and read a bit.

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