Wednesday, December 21, 2005


This is possibly the most important Brussels landmark. This time in December is still busy and people wait long enough to get their fries fix.

The only issue is that the fries here are terrible, the oil is probably the original one used a quarter of century ago when this famous fries place opened. If you want to believe it there are busloads of Asian tourists that have this as a must see/taste on the list. And let me be clear European or North American ones do not shy away either. I only ate there once and never repeated the mistake. If I leave the car parked in the square for a few hours the stink stays for days! And do not get me wrong I love fries and Belgium IS the world capital for those. Just that this place is beyond any doubt not worthy of its reputation. The best I had were at Brasserie George on Chaussee de Waterloo just outside Bois de la Cambre. You may choose between at least five different types that can be served fried in as many different oils or fats. They are great as is the place in general. The oyster bar and the sea food are not bad there either and the duck is fantastic. On weekends and on holidays you HAVE to reserve a table well in advance.

As I get to know Brussels better I discovered that the cliché regarding the good dinning in the city actually stands true. Just in the last few weeks I have discovered a number of excellent places at both ends of the price/sophistication spectrum. One day I have to come up with my own preferred spots list. Posted by Picasa

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