Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Madrid Calling

I have a group of friends that are desperate to go down to Spain and have this years NYEP in Madrid with buddies from our grad school and their international non stop party gang. As I know Madrid the promise of wild party stands true. As I know the person inviting us I am actually getting afraid that wild party may be a euphemism. I am not yet convinced though since have also made arrangements with my sis and her boyfriend and I have only a few hours to decide. In the meanwhile I was browsing through my old Madrid photos and this capture of the famous Puerta del Sol Tio Pepe ad caught my attention. I like it more in B&W. Once on D200 I will try to see if the pleasure to shoot B&W depends on the equipment or the mid. I hate to shift picture to monochrome with software. Well I have to think about Madrid ... Posted by Picasa

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