Monday, February 20, 2006

Brussels Night (S)Hopping

One cannot shop in Brussels at night. You did not do your groceries in time by Saturday you are busted. There goes your dinner, fancy brunch with old friends, TV dinner, fresh snack, or nibbling in front of the computer. I rarely lived in a city with less all night stores and less option in midnight fancy/healthy snacks. As usually most seam prepared to sell a large quantity of soft drinks and liquors, lots of sugary crap and crisps but comparatively little food. There are however a few notable and striking exceptions. For example, this place just a step away from Place Saint Gery. As most others is owned and operated by a middle eastern family and seams to be open at all times including on weekends. Unlike most it really caters an incredible array of fresh food, vegetables and fruit. But also numerous goodies for traditional cooking. I made a habit to stop by to watch the store at night with its light and stands and colours. It makes a striking combination with Baraca the Brazilian themed bar just in front. Bar hopping between Mapa Mundo, Zebra, Baraca and Roi de Belges is a nice change of scenery. To much to drink. Stop by for pita bred, cheez, olives, dates, oranges and fresh mint and lemons for breakfast. Posted by Picasa

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