Monday, February 20, 2006

Cafe Belga In the Mood for a Chat

Housed in the eerily Art Deco Radio House that came in time to be now as Flagey, cafe Belga is a Brussels day and night fixture, first to open and last to close this hangout place provides for the most divers of crowds From alcoholics to students, media people and international beauties, euro-crowd and all the mix of the day. I belive cocktails are rather lousy despite what other people say on the subject so this is a beer and wine place, and mostly a talking place. Whether after a concert at Studio 4 or after a great film night at the Museum of Cinema housed in the same building, or just passing by if you are in need for a talk this is a place to be. This is what New York Times has to say about it:Cafe Belga, in an ocean-linerish Art Deco building, is making waves among Brussels' beautiful people. Sip a cocktail or mint tea amid the swanky interior or sit outside and gaze at the swans on the Ixelles ponds. -Fodor's Posted by Picasa

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