Thursday, October 13, 2005

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Jerry Simpson said...

Matt Asay joining as regular contributor to Open Resource
In an attempt to bring a bit of intellect to this blog, Matt Asay will be joining me here as a regular contributor in the very near future.
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Slim said...

IBM says it won't advertise on blogs...but wants its workers to be bloggers
IBM, the world's largest computer company says that it has decided not to advertise on blogs.
Greetings! you have a worthy blog here. I'll be back to see how things develop.
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kingpebble said...

Santa Clara University Launches Student Blogs; Prospective Students...
Oct. 12, 2005 -- Santa Clara University launched a unique, interactive student recruitment ... The students are from Omaha, Neb.; Goshen, Ind.; San Diego, Orange County, and San Jose, Calif.
Entertaining blog here. You are bookmarked ;-)

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